29 May 2009

Ebay Chatters

This is a demonstration post to show the members of Ebay Chatters group how to post on Blogger.
It is quite easy :)

24 Jun. 2008

My new blog

Visit my new Wordpress blog at www.rapidcycling.wordpress.com

23 Feb. 2008

Lily's Photo

This is a photo of my dog Lily.

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Here is a photos of the new library

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9 Nov. 2007

My Ebay Auctions

So my Ebay auctions are finally up. Up for grabs are the two cutlery sets, a teal top and scarf, Tony Bianco boots, One Teaspoon jeans, Comme Des Garcons t-shirt and some bulk jewellery I have collected so far this year.

You can view my auctions by clicking HERE.

27 Oct. 2007

Silver Plated Cutlery Sets

Purchased two cutlery sets from Savers in Footscray today.

Paid $149.95AU for the first set which was a silver plated setting for 12, made in Italy with markings and in a 1970's style box. This price was an absolute rip off. Previously i've purchased the same cutlery set for under $50.00AU on numerous occasions. Needless to say my profit margin on this set won't be that high but I should make over $150.00 at least. I'm expecting $180.00 for this set.

The second set was a silver plated setting for 12, marked and boxed in a 1970's style box. Paid $39.00 for this set which price was a little more feasible. I expect to reach $140.00 for this set at least.
A good days shopping indeed.

21 Oct. 2007

Pet Fashion Week

Women arn't the only ones who like to accessorize. New York is having its own Pet Fashion Week. In an upscale tradeshow and fashion environment, you will be interacting with the who's who of the international pet world while viewing the latest trends in high-end clothing, accessories, furnishings, and runway designs for dogs. Can you see the dog in this peacock picture?


Found this great website on the weekend. www.seekcommercial.com.au which advertises Australian businesses for sale. You can choose from franchises, businesses for sale and new franchises. There is Pizza Hut, Clark Rubber, Jims Bookkeeping, Doggy Washes and lots more. Of course when you are considering buying any business always get legal advice first.

20 May 2007

Melbourne Clothing Exchange

Imagine a clothing exchange where everything is free! The clothing Exchange provides the opportunity to swap clothes and accessories you don't wear for ones you will wear.

Located in Melbourne's CBD, the Clothing Exchange does not operate every day and you need to RSVP for the each event. Bring along six pieces of clothing or accessories you wish to exchange. Men are also welcome.

Admission is $14 which comes with a free drink.


6 May 2007

All Year Round

Although I have never tried this wholesaler/importer, I am on their mailing list.

They are a very personalised, family orientated company who imports jewellery from Thailand and Bali.

They are always sending personalised emails and describing their recent buying holidays and new items in a very relaxed fashion.

Although their business sense appears to be a bit messy and incompetent sometimes, the personal attention they give their customers is apparent from the emails I receive. They give out their mobile number if people have any problems and write as if you have been friends for years.

All Year Round sell to Ebayers, market sellers, party plans, shops and re-sellers. Their business is in a spare room in their home and they sell to Australia, New Zealand, USA and England. Their site is quite amateurish but they do sell a variety of products including of jewellery, belts, stickers, handbags and watches at very cheap prices with no minimum quantity. They take Paypal and there's no need to prove you are a business either!